Polyester Fiberfill - 1" Thick

Polyester Fiberfill - 1" Thick


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Polyester fiberfill wrap (also known as Dacron) can help improve the aesthetics of practically any seat or cushion. The wrap gives a softer, rounded look, while without it, a cushion would look flat and angular. Fiberfill also helps in sliding foam cushions into their fabric covers.

Medium Fiberfill is suggested for seats, seat backs, and throw pillows.


Manufacturing Tolerances
Products may carry a size tolerance depending on the style and job. Please see our Tolerance Table.

Shipping 60" Wide x 60ft Roll
The 60" Wide x 60ft Roll will be cut into 2 rolls of 30 feet for shipping purposes.

Shipping 88" Wide x 120ft Roll
The 88" Wide x 120ft Roll will be cut into 6 rolls of 20 feet for shipping purposes.

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The nicest terelyne I've ever used!,
Lynn | May 3rd, 2022
This product is exactly as described. It doesn't split or tear. It takes the glue well. I save all of the scraps to make toss cushions! I like anytging that is 100% useable!