Neoprene Rubber

If you need a material to soundproof, waterproof, insulate, or add extra padding to a space, then neoprene foam is the versatile material you're looking for. Sheets of neoprene rubber are an inexpensive and effective tool to act as a barrier against moisture, heat, cold, sound, and even injury. It can be used in many different ways both inside and outside your home. Rubber foam is such a good insulator against cold and moisture that one of its earliest and most common applications was in manufacturing professional-grade wet suits for divers. That tells you just how great foam rubber can be at protecting what's important.

Neoprene High Quality Foam Sheets

Neoprene High Quality foam is a soft, flexible and durable form-fitting sponge rubber that provides good thermal and moisture insulation. It is resistant to the Ozone, sunlight, oxidation, m ... Read More

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Neoprene High Quality Skins - 1/16"x80"x48"

Make the most of your next project with the use of our neoprene high quality foam skins. Made with a focus on durability and resistance to outside factors, this solution offers the best in v ... Read More

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Neoprene 2045 Foam Sheets - 40" x 48"

Neoprene 2045 is a high density foam rubber with excellent insulation, shock absorption, and water resistant properties. Higher densities of neoprene are more durable and resilient than lowe ... Read More

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