Compression Cutter

compression cutterThere are lots of uses for foam regardless of the industry. Whether for commercial use or residential use, foam offers a solution that is easy to install and affordable while also offering durability made to last. When it comes to creating the products you know and love from our inventory, we employ several types of machines in the process. With our foam compression cutter, we are able to provide you with all your needs at a faster rate without sacrificing on precision or shape. Let's take a closer look at this machine.

A hybrid machine - part die cutter, part convoluter - the foam compression cutter is able to produce highly individualized forms using pressured cuts made over templates. Coated pressboard molds, produced in-house, work much like the studded rollers on the convoluter by creating areas of differentiating pressure as the foam is forced against the template by rollers. The .04" thick blade saws directly above the template as the foam is drawn through the machine.

The foam forms a mirror image of the template, with elevated areas on the template creating greater pressure, forcing more foam under the blade. This results in elevated areas on the foam once released from pressure, allowing us to create smooth, 3D contours. Best of all, the foam compression machine allows for multiple templates can be fastened to the table to produce identical products in a single run, much like the die cutter.

The foam compression machine is more cost-effective than creating similar products using molded techniques, as the templates can be produced much more quickly and at lower a cost. That cost is further reduced with our ability to create these templates in-house. This provides flexibility for economical fabrication in both high and low volumes. Examples of products created on the compression cutter include 3D cushions, bedding, and specialty packaging materials. As one of our more specialized machines, the fact that it can keep up with high volume orders makes it a mainstay in our factory.