Why Us? - Foam Sacks

We've Been Around for a While

Foam Factory has been in the foam and upholstery business since 1980. As a family owned and operated business, we strive to produce quality products at great prices. We believe we have an edge when it comes to providing quality products, simply by virtue of the foresight and understanding that comes with more than three decades of experience. That industry experience and market knowledge is something we have applied to our Foam Sacks product line. Also, we maintain a nearly 100,000 square foot brick and mortar facility, where we manufacture the products we sell. We aren't a faceless, middle-man Web site just connecting buyers to sellers, so you can take comfort in knowing that you are doing business with a company that makes and stands by its products.

Best Price

Our Foam Sacks are all made at our facility with materials we manufacture. When it comes to acquiring raw materials, our buying power and warehousing facility gives us the ability to purchase at distributor rates. Doing so eliminates the middle-man, which equates to huge savings for our customers. Foam Factory does this with nearly all of our product offerings.

Excellent Quality

Quality products begin with quality materials and our Foam Sacks start by being filled with new, high-grade foam. This means it is resilient, long-lasting and will regain its shape time after time. We don't use damaged or factory-second filler products just because it will be shredded and remain unseen. The foam we use in our Foam Sacks is cut from the same bulk material we use in pillows, cushions and many other products. All Foam Sacks come with an inner liner to contain the foam and an optional outer fabric cover for comfort and aesthetics. These fabrics are selected because of their ability to last for years of enjoyable use. Each cover is sewn at our facility by employees with years of experience and inspected before moving on to the next step in the process.

Made in the USA

All the foam we fill our Foam Sacks with is made in the USA and shredded at our facility. The foam sacks are stuffed, sewn shut and covered at our Southeastern Michigan facility as well.

Wide Selection

With six sizes, two shapes and 12 fabric colors to choose from (excluding the liner), we offer a wide range of possible combinations that make it easy to find a Foam Sack that fits your life, surroundings and personality!