Polypropylene Foam

In your search for a durable, rigid foam that can be used for a variety of applications, look no further than our Expanded Polypropylene foam (EPP). This foam comes in a 1.3lb density and a range of 1.5lb-2.8lb. It is an ideal material for packaging heavy items or insulation. It can also be used for projects that require a buoyant material. Polypropylene also meets federal, military, and industry requirements through a number of required tests.

Expanded Polypropylene Foam - 1.3LB Black

Expanded Polypropylene Foam (EPP) is a closed-cell foam with great resistance to both compression and impacts. Due to its large loading range, its capability for energy absorption, and its h ... Read More

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Expanded Polypropylene Foam - 1.5LB White

When a foam material is needed for resistance to both compression and heavy impact, then closed-cell Expanded Polypropylene Foam (EPP) may be the product for you! With a higher end load rang ... Read More

Starting at $70.19 USD

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