Die Cutter

die pressFoam is a material that can be used for a range of applications to great effect. Aside from knowing which foam is right for you, getting a product that matches with your exact specifications is key to a useful product. With our foam die cutting press, we can achieve that perfect outcome of precision and quality you seek. Let's take a closer look at die cutting foam using this reliable machine.

In simplest terms, our die cutter operates like a large-scale cookie cutter, great for cutting exact shapes out of foam. Dies, also known as plates, are made by setting thin, finely serrated blades into wood to create a cutting pattern. Sheets of foam are placed over the plates and compressed by up to 80 tons of pressure. The foam is forced down over the blades, cut to shape, and released, creating a form exactly matching the design on the plate with stunning precision and accuracy. With a table measuring 76" x 32", multiple designs can be inset on one large plate to produce forms quickly and economically. The die cutter features a simultaneous two-button safety system required to execute a pressing, greatly reducing any chance of accidental operation.

Because of the die cutter's ability to produce multiple forms in a single pressing, it is mainly utilized to produce bulk quantities at rapid speed. Where the waterjet machine may make hundreds of one item, the die cutter is capable of making tens of thousands in approximately the same amount of time. Detailed high-volume orders, like form-fitting packaging for delicate items, are produced on the die cutter, as well as novelties and toys like the giant foam hands seen at sporting events. With our high-quality materials and our foam die cutting machine at the ready, getting the high quality, precision cut product you need has never been easier or more attainable. Let us create something for you today using this reliable machine!

Examples of products fabricated by this machine:
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