Foam Futon Mattresses Foam Futon Mattresses

Is your futon wearing down? Give it a new lease on comfort with one of our Foam Futon Mattresses!

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Memory Foam Toppers Memory Foam Toppers

Enjoy the custom-contouring of temperature-sensitive memory foam in your next topper, mattress, or pillow.

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Custom Cushions Custom Cushions

Whether you're down the road or 3,000 miles away, we make ordering new cushions easy with our DIY instructions.

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At the Foam Factory, we carry a large selection of foam in Canada and foam products for a wide range of applications, all at very competitive prices. We proudly offer traditional foam products, like bedding, insulation, cushions, packaging foam in Canada, and comfort items. Additionally, we are constantly expanding the practical applications of foam, offering products such as economical and practical child safety items, commercial items such as jewelry display holders, and a large selection of acoustical sound-deadening materials and acoustic foam panels. We also offer a large selection of foam for mattresses, ranging from memory foam mattresses to camping pads. Are you looking for a comfortable mattress in Canada? Browse our mattress inventory to find a latex mattress or memory foam mattress that is right for you. And if you can't find what you are looking or would like more information about closed cell foam in Canada, for example, please contact us. Our friendly and courteous staff will be glad to help you with your foam needs, whether you're searching for polyurethane foam in Canada or foam crown moldings.