Volara is a robust FDA-compliant closed cell foam used in a wide range of applications, from components in medical devices to storage and insulation in food service, to construction joint filler and flooring underlayment. With exceptional resistance to microbes, chemicals and vapor transmission, as well as a smooth, uniform surface, Volara offers a dependable, professional-grade solution in two varieties. Both types respond well to thermoforming or compression molding.

Volara Type 2A

For industrial and commercial applications, look no further than our Volara Type 2A foam. It is a general purpose cross-linked LDPE foam with an excellent chemical resistance. Foam of this v ... Read More

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Volara Type 4EO

For a foam solution that is soft to the touch yet still offers incredible durability, our Volara Type 4EO foam is the perfect solution. This EVA copolymer foam is ideal for use in medical de ... Read More

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