Minicel-L XLPE

Our Minicel Type L is a fine-celled closed cell cross linked polyethylene material that offers a durable, softer alternative to other cross linked polyethylene products. This makes this foam ideal for everything from cushioning to gasket material, while being resistant to water absorption, vapor transmission, and microbial growth. Minicel LF200 also contains a fire retardant, and meets specifications for aircraft seating under FA25/853(a) guidelines.

Minicel L200

Ideal for a range of projects which require a thicker foam, Minicel L200 foam is an extremely fine-celled material that offers incredible durability thanks to this fact. Minicel L200 is simi ... Read More

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Minicel LF200

Designed to meet the highest of standards for tough applications, Minicel LF200 foam was developed to meet the specific needs of federal, military and industry requirements on the flammabili ... Read More

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