Bass and Broadband Absorbers

The job of a foam soundproofing solution is to absorb sound to improve the acoustics within a room. While most people think of flat panels mounted to a wall or ceiling for foam soundproofing, there are a few smaller and more oddly shaped options that may be necessary to your operation for maximum efficiency. All foams do not necessarily pick up and absorb all frequencies at the same level of performance or ability. With specialized bass and broadband absorbers, you can remedy this problem with a high-performing solution at a budget-friendly option.

Corner Bass Absorbers

Designed to be placed in the corners of a room to address the buildup of low frequency reverberation, these foam bass traps make an excellent addition to a recording studio or home theater!

Starting at $29.89 USD

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Male-Female Broadband Absorber 12"x6"x48" - Set of 4

Handle those troublesome low frequency ranges, regardless of room shape! Our broadband absorbers can be placed in vertically in corners or left freestanding to help deaden bass and improve audio clarity in a room.

Starting at $94.89 USD

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Corner Blocks

Give your acoustic treatments a finished, professional look! Our functional Corner Blocks can be easily placed to fill gaps between acoustic panels to help alleviate bass reverberation in a room.

Starting at $6.49 USD

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12" Block 12"x12"x12" - 2-Pack

Ideal for bass absorption and room aesthetics, our 12" Blocks are designed to fill in the trihedral corners of your room's acoustic setup!

Starting at $24.69 USD

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