Residential Foam Scraps

With our residential foam scraps and our scrap polyester fiberfill, you can find the perfect product for your next DIY or craft project! Our scrap polyurethane foam works well in small foam pits and crash pads, and our scrap polyester fiberfill is great for stuffing throw pillows and stuffed animals.

Scrap Polyurethane Foam - 36"x36"x60"

Make your own DIY foam pit or crash pad on a budget! From gymnastics to skateboarding, our bags of scrap polyurethane foam can reduce the chance of injury while practicing dangerous tricks!

Starting at $65.49 USD

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Scrap Polyester Fiberfill - 12"x12"x60"

Compactable scrap polyester fiberfill is a great filler material for throw pillows, travel pillows, stuffed animals, and more!

Starting at $28.19 USD

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