Free Shipping

For the benefit of our customers, Foam Factory, Inc. offers free shipping on any pre-tax order totaling $100.00 or more through FedEx Ground. This shipping offer applies to all Canadian customers in FedEx Zones 1 through 5, relative to Windsor, Ontario. Any locations in Zone 6 will be subject to a shipping surcharge. For all orders less than $100.00, a flat rate of $19.99 is applied. This flat rate offer applies to all Canadian customers in FedEx Zones 1 through 5, relative to Windsor, Ontario. For a shipping quote to Zone 6, please Contact Us. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer free or flat-rate shipping through UPS on orders totaling $100.00 or more.

Given the nature of foam materials, orders routinely require multiple boxes to package an entire shipment. Foam Factory understands this and does not place a cap on the number of boxes required to ship a full order. Whether one box is required or 50, if the single order totals more than $100.00, it ships for free. Foam Factory also offers shipping services through USPS by special request. Additionally, Foam Factory will ship to any location across the globe, so for rates outside of Canada, call or e-mail for a quote. We will notify you of rate changes prior to shipping your order, if any occur.

For any additional questions about our shipping policy, see our Customer Service page or Contact Us.

To Qualify For Free FedEx Ground Shipping:
Place a pre-tax order totaling more than $100.00
Located within FedEx Zones 1 through 5 relative to Windsor, Ontario.

To Qualify For $19.99 Flat Rate Shipping:
Place a pre-tax order totaling less than $100.00
Located within FedEx Zones 1 through 5 relative to Windsor, Ontario.

Important: All shipments originate from the US, with pickups from the US to Canada made once every two weeks. After we receive your order, processing typically takes about 3 to 15 business days. Shipping typically takes 5 to 6 business days via FedEx Ground. Custom orders take about 5 to 15 business days for processing.

How FedEx Zones Work

The rates for orders shipped via FedEx Ground to Canada are based on the FedEx Zoning system. Currently, FedEx Zones for Canada ground shipments range from 1 to 6. The Zones are determined by the origin and the destination of the shipment. In Foam Factory's case, the origin of shipment is Windsor, Ontario (postal code N9B 3P4). FedEx determines the Zone by categorizing the first 3 characters of the destination postal code against the location of the origin postal code.

Find Your FedEx Zone

Visit the link below and open the "FedEx Ground Rates" PDF. Look for the Zone Chart covering our Windsor, Ontario shipment origin of N9B (currently Zone Chart 15). Once located, find the first 3 postal code characters of the shipment's destination within the table to determine your Zone. Zones 1 through 5 will receive either the $19.99 flat rate if the order's pre-tax total is less than $100.00, or free shipping if the order's pre-tax total is more than $100.00. If you are in Zone 6, please Contact Us for a shipping quote. FedEx reassesses zoning annually, so be sure you are viewing the Ground Rate Service Guide for the current year.

The shipping policy and listed rates apply exclusively to the shipping charge of a transaction. Certain products may carry an additional surcharge called an exemption charge that may be applied. An exemption charge is different than the shipping charge and does not make a product or order ineligible for free shipping. If a pre-tax order is placed that meets or exceeds the $100.00 threshold, the order will receive free shipping, though any exemption charges that may apply are still in effect.

Individual product pages state whether a product is subject to a potential exemption charge. If an exemption charge applies to your order, Foam Factory will contact you to verify the charge and confirm your order. This charge is in place for competitive reasons.

See the following example for the application of an exemption charge:

Two (2) 15" x 15" x 72" Shredded Memory Foam Bags priced at $58.49 apiece give you a pre-tax order of $116.98. Being greater than $100.00, this order qualifies for free shipping. As an item that carries a potential exemption charge, its product page states "NOTE: Product may be subject to an exemption charge per bag shipped to Zones 4, 5, and 6. We will contact you if this surcharge applies to your order. See Free Shipping page for more details." For the sake of the example, assume the order will be sent to Zone 5 and the charge will be applied. You will be contacted by Foam Factory notifying you of this fee before your order is processed and shipped.

Order Breakdown:
Two (2) Shredded Memory Foam Bags: $116.98
Shipping on an order over $100.00 w/FedEx Ground: FREE (Zones 1-5)
Two (2) Bag Exemption Charge: Dependent on Zone and Location

Please feel free to Contact Us regarding any questions about this policy or affected products.

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