Radius Cutter

radius cutterAs one of the most versatile materials on the market, foam can be used for a wide range of applications from boating seats to medical-grade lumbar supports. While most people think of foam as sheets, the need for precision cut foam is one of the biggest applications for this innovative material. When looking for an option with high levels of precision cut into them, our radius cutter is one of the go-to machines we employ to achieve the results you need. With the ability to create a precise cut on a variety of densities, the radius cutter is one of our most reliable machines in creating products for our valued customers. Let's take a closer look at the reliable machine and the products it creates.

When cutting foam in bulk, sometimes the matter of speed can lead to less even pieces, edges or cuts. Sometimes a machine may produce uneven edges or rougher corners. With the radius cutting machine, you get a clean, consistent cut throughout for a better product dimension wise. Our radius cutter handles jobs that require extra precision when forming smooth curves along outside edges. The radius cutter has its blade under tension to provide an angled cutting plane, with a block to keep a cut's angle and depth from varying. After trimming all sides of the foam piece, it is then turned over and the process is repeated, resulting in a uniform radius along the product's axis. The radius cutter features a self-tensioning .005" stainless steel blade and a vertically adjustable cutting area, able to handle a range of thicknesses from 3" to 7". With a 48" x 33" table area, we can fabricate contoured seating cushions of nearly any size. We also use the radius cutter to make sponges. When it comes to creating rounded edges with clean lines and even dimensions, this is one of our most commonly utilized machines in our factory. Let us create something for your foam needs today using this reliable machine!