Acoustic Wedge Foam

When you need superior soundproofing in a space, it's time to set aside the flat foam and invest in raised surfaces. Acoustic wedge foam is capable of absorbing a wider range of sound frequencies than flat surfaced foam. Although it will not deaden sound completely, acoustic wedge foam is a great option when you need to dampen or control sound. It can offer a crisp, clear sound without the annoyance of feedback or echo.

1" Wedge Foam

Perfect for a vocal booth or live-streaming setup! Our 1" Acoustic Wedge panels are a great way to attenuate sound in smaller spaces, absorbing and diffusing sound in the mid and high frequency ranges.

Starting at $12.99 USD

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2" Wedge Foam

Considered the industry standard, 2" Wedge panels are a great choice to reduce echoes and improve audio clarity in small rooms, home studios, and office spaces. Combine with Bass Absorbers for stellar home theater acoustic experience!

Starting at $20.79 USD

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3" Wedge Foam

A fantastic all-around acoustic treatment! Our 3" Wedge panels can be used to help absorb low, mid, and high frequency sound in any size room!

Starting at $28.59 USD

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4" Wedge Foam

Our best sound absorbing acoustic panel! Capable of attenuating sound at all frequencies, these 4" Wedge panels are very effective at absorbing sound in large rooms, such as theaters, auditoriums, and gymnasiums.

Starting at $36.39 USD

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