Foam Sacks FAQ

Why should I choose Foam Factory's Foam Sacks over the competition?

We have dedicated a page to this very question. Please Click Here for details.

How come you have such good prices?

Our Foam Sacks are all made at our facility with materials we manufacture. When it comes to acquiring raw materials, our buying power and warehousing facility gives us the ability to purchase at distributor rates. Doing so eliminates the middle-man, which equates to huge savings for our customers. Foam Factory does this with nearly all of our product offerings.

What's the Guarantee / Warranty?

The Foam Sack has a Guarantee of 30 days after the shipping date. The Foam Sack may be returned for any reason in factory condition for a full product refund. The Warranty for a Foam Sack is for 3 years. If the fabric, seams, zippers or foam fail within this time frame, they may be returned for replacement. All you have to do is pay the shipping and handling. In order to return the product, we need a copy of the original packing slip received in the package, which contains the date of purchase, enclosed with the product being returned. This Warranty is void if we determine that the product has been abused or was used as high-volume commercial seating.

Is this website safe to order through?

All order information sent to us is through an SSL encryption. In other words, if the information is intercepted by a third party, it cannot be read because the information is encoded so that only we can read the information on our end. Credit cards are verified and processed on the spot, and we never see your card information. The server that hosts this website is scanned daily for new and existing security risks. Any risks found are corrected upon detection. Lastly, this server sits behind a firewall to further assist in blocking malicious threats. We strive to operate and maintain a safe and secure online ordering medium.

I got the box, now what do I do? And why is it so small?

We compress the foam to a great degree for shipping purposes. However, because of the foam's high quality, it is very resilient and will return to the size that was ordered. Be careful when opening the box as to not damage the contents. Remove the plastic wrap from your Foam Sack. The foam may take a few hours to expand to usable size and a few days to fully expand to the size as ordered. You can roll and fluff the Foam Sack after a few hours to move the contents and help with expansion.

Is there anything I need to do to with my Foam Sack in terms of upkeep?

The outer covers we use are machine washable. Covers will need to be washed on the delicate cycle in cold water and dried using the lowest heat setting or by allowing it to air dry. Be sure that the zipper is completely closed and tucked under the welting during the washing and drying process to prevent it from snagging in the washer or dryer. Other than cleaning, the sack can be fluffed occasionally to maintain fullness.