Benefits of Residential Foam

  • Long lasting and comfortable. Foam is a long-lasting solution capable of offering years of reliable use. The durability of this material in its many forms never detracts from the overall comfort of the solution. While durability in a material is often related to how hard it is, foam offers lasting performance while maintaining the softness you expect and deserve. Foam is not only long-lasting, but easy to repair or replace when the time comes.
  • Versatile in application. Foam can be used in more than one way. From mattresses and seat cushions to bean bags and pet beds, the options for residential foam are varied in their application.
  • Different levels of firmness available. While some people prefer a harder firmness, there are others with a preference for a softer feel. With residential foam, there are choices on matters of firmness to help you get the right option for your individual preferences and needs.
  • Affordable without sacrificing quality. Foam is one of the more affordable solutions on today's market. When something is affordable, it is often associated with being of a lesser quality than more expensive options. Foam is one of the few exceptions to this rule where an affordable price is not a sign of poor quality.
  • Easy to adjust as needed. When looking at foam solutions for the home, there are changes you can make to get the right result for your needs. For example, a bean bag seat can be filled with additional pieces to give it new life or a seat cushion or pet bed can add a fiberfill wrap to the foam insert for added softness as needed. Foam is one of the few materials you can easily adjust to fit your exact needs in such a manner.