Eggcrate Charcoal Regular Foam

Eggcrate Charcoal Regular Foam

Eggcrate Charcoal Regular Foam


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Foam can be applied to many applications. With the use of our eggcrate charcoal regular foam, discover an affordable solution that never sacrifices on the elements of performance your project requires. With its familiar, classic design, charcoal regular eggcrate foam replicates the effects of charcoal regular sheet foam more economically, due to our cutting process. Its non-soiling surface makes it appropriate for use in any area charcoal regular foam can be applied. Eggcrate foam provides professional looking cushioning that's great for padding shipments or cases with delicate equipment. Best of all, the darker color means it won't show dirt as easily as a lighter surface. This is a versatile solution you can use in a range of applications at a great price.

Custom Cutting is Available!
We can cut custom sizes of charcoal regular eggcrate foam for any project you may have! Please Contact Us for details. We also offer this high-quality foam solution in several options on matters such as thickness and sheet size so whether you need a third of a sheet or a whole sheet, we have you covered! Add this powerful solution to your next project today and experience the wonders of foam at an affordable price.

If you have any questions regarding this product or our customization options, please contact us for further assistance. We are always happy to help in any way.

Resources Notes

Manufacturing Tolerances
Products may carry a size tolerance depending on the style and job. Please see our Tolerance Table.

Standard Sheet Sizes/Quality
Standard sheets of foam are cut slightly larger than the listed size to compensate for shrinkage during packaging, transit, and delivery. Sheets may contain rough edges. Any yellowing/discoloration of the foam is a byproduct of exposure to air and light and does not represent a flaw, damage, or defect in the material.

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