How to Apply Fiberfill to Your Foam - Glue Method

Supplies Needed to Complete This Task

You will need your cut-to-size foam cushion, fiberfill, a tape measure, spray adhesive and scissors.

Cutting the Fiberfill Needed for Your Foam


You will need a continuous section of fiberfill that will cover the bottom, front edge and top of the cushion, with no fiberfill needed for the back or side edges. The easiest way to do this is to place the cushion flush with the fiberfill at the end of the sheet to the side, so there is no overhang from the bottom or on one edge. Pull the fiberfill around the cushion so it is snug but not stretched, until it reaches the back edge of the top of the cushion. Make a mark and then trim the fiberfill straight across. Being careful to not cut the cushion, use the other edge as a guide to trim the excess fiberfill on the other side, as seen in the picture to the right. You should only have to make two cuts for the fiberfill to be flush with both sides and the back of the cushion.

Gluing Fiberfill to the Foam - Part One

With spray adhesive, coat the outer edge of both the foam cushion and the polyester fiberfill covering (bottom left), making sure the outside edge you spray will be the front of the cushion. The images below feature a red line to display where glue should be sprayed. Spray all along the perimeter of both the top surface and front edge surfaces of the fiberfill and cushion, but do not coat the center of either material. After about 10 seconds, the glue will get tacky and you can slowly roll the fiberfill over the foam, starting at the front edge and working back.


Gluing Fiberfill to the Foam - Part Two


Give the glue about five minutes to dry before flipping the cushion. It should look similar to an open book, as in the picture to the right, with the loose fiberfill being the cover. Repeat this process for the uncovered side of the foam, spraying where the materials are outlined in red in the image. Again, after the glue has set for about 10 seconds, roll the fiberfill onto the foam, starting with the front side and working back until the cushion is covered. Allow the cushion to dry for five minutes before use.

Final Results


After you have finished applying the fiberfill to the cushion, your finished product should look similar to the picture at the right. The front edge will be covered in fiberfill, along with the top and bottom of the cushion. The left, right and back sides will not be covered. Once the adhesive has dried, you can stuff your new cushion into its cover!

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