CNC Horizontal

CNC HorizontalFinding the right foam products is easy with our selection of affordable items. Have you ever wondered how we create these products? With a focus on precision and accuracy, we use machines such as the commercial CNC machine to get the best result for your order. Let's take a closer look at the foam CNC machine.

The best thing about a foam CNC machine is the impressive precision it offers with every creation. With several horizontal computer numerical control (CNC) machines under our roof, including both oscillating and continuous saws, we have the capability to craft incredibly precise products in-house to keep our prices at a competitive figure. Able to finely adjust measurements, the CNC machines are perfect for detailing products to exact consumer specifications for flawless outcome sure to please. Even with their precision, CNC cutters are just as powerful as the vertical and horizontal saws, able to handle up to 8LB density foam, depending on the variety.

Using computer programming to map out the desired design, a commercial CNC machine produces clean lines and sharp angles that would be impossible to replicate by hand. We are able to produce customer-specific products from the buns, as well as a variety of sheet patterns and contoured products, using this high performing machine. The continuous-blade machines have tables that rotate the bun automatically, allowing for the 3D rendering of a product without manual manipulation, and a blade that can be "twisted" 360° to work around the bun which gives impressive versatility and options. The oscillating machines require that buns be rotated manually, but the blade has no angle restriction, as it utilizes a back-and-forth sawing motion for added precision and ease of achieving the desired outcome. Additionally, all CNC saws have all been re-engineered since their arrival for improved performance and less downtime, as well as lower sound levels, to help with precision, speed, and overall quality of the finished product. This machine can be used for a variety of outcomes to ensure you always get the most precise, accurate foam cut as possible.

Examples of products fabricated by this machine:
bedbridge coin holderpyramid foam medical body wedge