• Basement Bumper Pad
  • Basement Bumper Pad
  • Basement Bumper Pad
  • Basement Bumper Pad

Basement Bumper Pad

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  • Basement bumper pads help guard against injury by padding hard metal basement poles with a layer of medium-density open-cell foam. Whether you're concerned about your child's safety, or just tired of stubbing toes and banging your knees and elbows, these easily installed pads reduce the danger of support poles. Simply open the pad at the pre-cut slit, push it around the pole and it will wrap around snugly.

    Custom Cutting is Available!
    If special sizes are needed, please Contact Us!

    To identify the diameter of your basement pole, wrap a string around the pole to find its circumference. Measure the string and divide the number by 3.14 (π) to get the diameter needed.
  • Physical Data Sheet: Charcoal Firm Foam

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