• Scrap Polyester Fiberfill - 12"x12"x60"

Scrap Polyester Fiberfill - 12"x12"x60"

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$18.19 USD

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  • These bags of scrap fiberfill pieces are great for repairing and re-stuffing throw pillows and other comfort and support products.

    Scrap polyester fiberfill can also make great pillow stuffing on a grand scale if you're building or re-stuffing a bean bag chair. Fiberfill is very compactible, letting you make a bean bag that's as soft or as full as you like. Depending on your location and fill preferences, you can build your own DIY bean bag for less than many pre-built bean bag seats and cushions!

    Standard Size: 12" x 12" x 60", fills approximately 5 cubic feet.

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