• Foam Sack - Zippered Suede Cover Only

Foam Sack - Zippered Suede Cover Only

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  • Features
  • The perfect do-it-yourself option for custom home comfort, this zippered, 100 percent micro-fiber suede covers can be stuffed at home with your favorite filling material. Available in all the sizes and colors offered for our pre-filled Foam Sacks, these durable forms can be packed with any of our Shredded Foams for individualized comfort. By stuffing these covers with the exact amount of filling desired, an individual can create a truly customized sack with the optimum blend of comfort and support. These are also excellent for replacing damaged foam-filled furniture by simply transferring the filling contents into the new liner. Zippers are encased in welting for safety.

    Suggested Filling Amounts
    3ft Foam Sack: 1 Large Bag*
    4ft Foam Sack: 2 Large Bags*
    5ft Foam Sack: 3 Large Bags*
    6ft Foam Sack: 4 Large Bags*
    7ft Foam Sack: 6 Large Bags*
    8ft Foam Sack: 7 Large Bags*

    *Large bags are 36" x 36" x 48" and contain approximately 30LB of foam.

    Fabric Colors Available

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