Polyethylene Foam Archery Targets

Polyethylene Foam Archery Targets

Polyethylene Foam Archery Targets



Polyethylene foam makes for an outstanding archery target because of its high 6LB density. It allows arrows to penetrate into the foam and stick to the mark, without going through the product or just bouncing off.

Standard Size: 2" x 23" x 24" (Size is approximate)


Physical Data Sheet: Polyethylene Foam


Exemption Charge - Zone 5
Product will be subject to a $30.00 USD exemption charge per item shipped to Zone 5. See our Shipping Page for more details.

Manufacturing Tolerances
Products may carry a size tolerance depending on the style and job. Please see our Tolerance Table.

Foam Only
Product is sold as foam-only. Does not include target designs or covers.

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Nice targets
Dave Whitcomb | June 12th, 2019
These work great. They take thousands of shots. 70# bows can shoot through them, esp when they're worn a bit so I stack 2. The backup can be made from a quartered old one since the center gets shot out. Glued with spray adhesive, and park a car wheel on a board on them till glue sets. Keep the arrow shafts clean and put silicone on them once in a while so they're easy to pull out.
High Density Foam Archery Targets.
Roy | June 12th, 2019
The high density foam targets are great for archery. We shoot thousands of arrows into the foam before we change targets and the targets remain outside from March to November. We highly recommend these high density foam targets. Generally this foam target is used by recurve archers shooting 40# to 45# recurve bows.