HD36 High Quality Foam

HD36 High Quality Foam

HD36 High Quality Foam


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When looking for a high-quality solution for your next project, this is the option for you. Our HD36 high-quality foam offers superior performance and cushioning for those looking for comfort that is also affordable and versatile. This type of foam is the perfect blend of supportive and cushioning to allow for an enjoyable outcome sure to please.

This high-quality, high-density foam provides medium support for more vigorously used products like couch and chair seating cushions, while still providing softness and comfort. Its increased density provides more support in mattresses for those who desire it and allows it to be used as comfort body wedges, beds for your favorite pet and in packaging. It is also a lightweight option without being flimsy thanks to the overall quality of the material. As one of the most versatile foams we offer, this solution is a great choice for a range of applications.

This foam solution is available in a range of choices to fit the exact needs of your project or preferences. The matter of size is the first worth noting and will help you get the right choice for the measurements of the project or item. Choose from several sizes to get the right amount of foam for your individual needs or projects. The thickness helps determine how supportive or cushioning the solution is with a thicker option offering more cushioning than a thinner option. We also offer a range of thickness choices from 1 inch for minimum support and cushioning to a luxurious 8-inch option when you want maximum comfort and support using the powers of foam. The type of project and your personal preferences will play a role in the right thickness for you. We can also custom cut to your needs for added appeal and versatility in outcomes. If you have any questions regarding this product, please Contact Us. We are always happy to assist our customers in any way to find the right solutions. With our HD36 high-quality foam, get the perfect solution for your next project today!

Custom Cutting is Available!
We can cut custom sizes of HD36-HQ foam for any project to fit your exact needs. See Seats and Cushions for details.


Physical Data Sheet: HD36 High Quality Foam